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"Nobody in the world, nobody in histroy, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who are oppressing them."

Assata Shakur

Trainings for Activists

  • Direct Action

  • Training for Trainers Direct Action

  • Know Your Rights

  • Security Culture

  • Affinity Groups/Spokescouncils

  • Consensus

Qualities We Strive for in Our Trainings

  • Decolonization and anti colonial perspective

  • Bio Centrism

  • Self Empowerment/DIY/Affinity Groups

  • Non-cooperation with Law Enforcement

  • Action Oriented

  • Builds revolutionary power

  • Emphasizes Diversity of tactics

  • Consensus oriented

  • Support for awesome trainers

  • Highlights intersections of oppression analysis

  • Anti Capitalist

  • Reflects on historical/global/diversity of identity


Switchboard Trainers Network (STN) is dedicated to the proliferation of radical trainings, getting them into as many hands as possible.  Too often, liberal NGO's are the only option people can find to get the training that they need for action, but those trainings are often comfortable with hierarchy, cooperation with police, and compromise. We think that if people had access to trainings that prioritized diversity of tactics, intersectionality of oppression, consensus, affinity groups, non-cooperation with police, and other radical principles, we would be seeing more effective action.  To that end, we've created a website to connect communities with the radical trainings they need.

The STN is committed to training trainers, and bringing in trainers that prioritize the principles of equality, empowerment, and solidarity.  We are committed to improving our trainings with feedback from trainers and participants, and creating a space where trainings can be tuned up. 

Ultimately, we strive to disperse trainings that that don't have leaders or peace police, resulting in affinity groups ready to plan their own actions, increasing opportunities for actions to happen anywhere, everywhere, and all the time.

Tools for Change in the Streets, Woods, Boardrooms, and Neighborhoods